Please ding for assisstnce. By Will Stein

by Islam El-Shazly

Last year, Monocle’s April 2009 issue (issue 22, volume 3) was all about service and retail. They asked a very important question – actually two of them. Are you being served? If not, why not?

Monocle had conducted a global survey on the state of retail; it was about “the smartest shopkeepers, best buyers, happiest consumers and sharpest ideas on the street, in the aisles and online.

But that was not the best thing about the issue. The best, in my opinion, was on the cover itself.

The elements you need to simulate spending and consumers excited.The list should hang in every store whether it is a small store or a mega chain.

Service is at the heart of the retail industry, not just hotels, restaurants, and other service-based activities; you take away good service and a shopper’s retail experience becomes a nightmare. There’s a reason there’s such thing as ‘retail therapy’.

The truth is, over the last few years, service has been going from poorer to poorer, except in a few establishments around the world that held on to the fact that good service goes a long way with the customer. Good service makes people come back for more.

Here’s the breakdown from Monocle, with one little change:

  • 15% Service-minded, smartly dressed, enthusiastic staff
  • 15% Obsessive attention to detail
  • 5% A memorable, welcoming scent in the air
  • 5% Good Ambiance (originally good music in the background)
  • 5% Flattering lighting
  • 5% Treats with all purchases
  • 5% Impeccable packaging
  • 5% An inviting facade
  • 15% A unique, original product mix
  • 25% A passion to constantly innovate
  • 0% Attitude

In short, Service with a smile.

I discovered Monocle back in 2008 while waiting for my flight from Calgary to Cairo, and have been addicted to it ever since. Monocle is a briefing on global affairs, business, culture, and design. For more please visit

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2 Replies to HOW MAY I HELP YOU?

  1. admin says:

    I know, you barely even get the smile, but there are still some stores here and abroad that are wonderful service providers, and that makes shopping a little bearable.

  2. Tamer says:

    Nice article Isalm. Retail service is getting extremely poor specially in Egypt like everything else. You don’t even get that smile!

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