Egypt: Partly submerged palms above Nile dam, Upper Egypt. Lantern Slide Collection, Brooklyn Museum.

By Islam El Shazly

The people of Egypt are for the most part gentle emotional people, they have been deprived of their right to participate in the way this great country is being governed. From the time of Mohammed Ali Pasha, through the British occupation then the calamity that was the Coup d’état of 1952 and its disastrous after-effects, the people have not been able or allowed to voice their concerns about their country.

But at the heart, the people of Egypt still persevere, they still smile, they have hope. They don’t approve of what happened and is happening to their home, and at some point they will say enough is enough, we are tired of the corruption, we want our home the way it used to be, safe, secure, and beautiful. This video was made by Javier Morgade in 2009 in Egypt, the original is available on Vimeo.


Masr from Javier Morgade on Vimeo.

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