Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach.

By M. Butcher

Cleopatra Beach in off the Mediterranean along  the North Coast of Egypt.  It is a beautiful place to take a walk and even have a picnic.  The water is clear but the beach is rocky. It is a nice place to visit but swimming is not permitted as the waves smash against the rocks and can carry you away. The sand is almost white.

Our kids love to run and play in the waves and rocks close to the shore, as you get farther out, the rocks get slippery and it gets harder to walk. There are lots of rocks to climb on and the kids like to pretend they are the king of the castle.

Cleopatra statue at the entrance to the beach.

The myth is that Cleopatra used to make her way up the coast to come to this particular beach because there is a special cave.

Skylight inside Cleopatra's Bath.

Inside the cave, there is a skylight and pool but what makes it special is the way the water flows into and out of the cave from the waves of the Mediterranean.

Water entryway from the Mediterranean.

There is a cavern that the water flows into and then it pools in the main area. The waves hit the rocks bringing new water in, if the tide is high enough, the water in the pool is warm and fresh.

Exit for the water in the Cleopatra's wading pool.

Inside the cave there is parts that are natural and other parts that have been carved from the stone. There is also remains of what used to be an alter on the far wall of the cave.

When you go, take time to walk around and splash in the waves. Wear sunscreen, take a hat, and make sure you have proper water shoes, CROCS won’t do, as the rocks are very slippery.

Cleopatra Beach - Lots of rocks for climbing.

Cleopatra beach is a great place to spend a morning or an afternoon.  The kids love to run and splash in the water. It’s a great place for a picnic. It’s nice to leave it better than you found it, and take your garbage with you. Unfortunately, most people leave their garbage and make a mess. It would be so picturesque if people could keep it clean.  And please no graffiti inside the Bath, we want to keep it as pristine as possible for future generations to enjoy.

Leaving Cleopatra Beach.

Take your kids, walk around, and have fun! It’s worth way more than the  2LE parking fee.



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