By Islam El Shazly
Exercise by Darryl Edwards – The Fitness Explorer

There are a lot of ways to completely mess up your health and well being; gluttony is definitely up there on the top of the list same as not eating enough, not enough sleep and too much sleep, and something a lot of people (me included) don’t give a second thought too: irregular or haphazard exercising.

Not working out at all is not good for your well being, but chances are you’ll still be good, but on and off exercising actually traumatises your body and muscles might lead to chronic and regular injuries, which is definitely not fun at all. A lot of people only remember to hit the gym with zeal right around the summer, when the need to show off their “fab abs” becomes almost obsessive in nature, others only do it when they have a chance, because of a busy schedule or just simple laziness. It does more harm than good.

Here’s another 300 inspired workout by Darryl Edwards – The Fitness Explorer, to take with you anywhere you fancy, and as with any form of exercise, we all know our what our bodies can or cannot handle, so don’t be afraid to test your limit, but scale back to your current abilities so you don’t inflict unnecessary injuries on yourself. And always remember that proper nutrition goes hand in hand with fitness.

Workout: 300 (in a Hotel, Motel or Holiday Inn)!

50 Salamander Press Ups

50 Air Squats

50 Crocodile Walk (1 step forward, 2 steps backward)

50 Lunges (1 forward, 1 backward, 1 left, 1 right)

50 Tricep (Chair) Dips

50 Back extensions

300 Reps in total.  Complete all reps of one exercise before completing the next.  Rest as required but aim for quality controlled, full range of movement rather than rushing for time.


30 Press Ups, 1 min 30 Plank

20 Press Ups, 2 min Plank

10 Press Ups, 1 min 30 Plank

For those unfamiliar with the “plank” exercise here are some tips from Sean at the Strength and Performance blog:

  • Elbows tucked under your shoulders
  • Hips up, not sagging
  • Don’t just think stomach here, think everything
  • Imagine someone is about to kick you in the stomach, what do you do?
  • Squeeze everything, you should be solid as a rock
  • Don’t relax throughout the set
  • Head in a neutral position
  • Controlled breathing

A proper plank. Courtesy of The Iron You.


Please scale all Fitness Explorer workouts to your current ability.  Get adequate rest and sufficient nutrition to fuel the activity and aid recovery.  Work hard but never sacrifice correct form.

Please visit the exercise FAQ for details on individual exercises or consult the advice of a registered exercise professional.

If you are new to this type of exercise, try one of the beginner’s circuits

Perform a warmup prior to activity, here’s an example Fitness Explorer warmup

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