We are a travel resource for families looking for nice, clean places that are child-friendly in Egypt. We provide reviews and information about Restaurants, Parks and Gardens, and Tourist attractions.  We welcome any comments and reviews and please feel free to email us if you would like more information about any our posts.

Not all of us are 20 some year old tourists with not a care in the world, most of the tourists around the world are older, often with families trotting along with them. They have children, and from our own experience, these children need to be constantly entertained. However, they also need to learn from their travels, so as they grow up they can have a rich experience that they can in turn share with their children.

Al Rahalah is an Arabic word, it means Traveller, Explorer, Globetrotter, Wanderer. We will take our inspirations from the celebrated explorers of old, explorers like Ibn Battuta, Zheng He, and Ahmad ibn Fadlan among many others whose names might not be known to us. Insha’Allah (God Willing) you will find what you are looking for, and come back for more.

Thank you,
Al Rahalah Staff