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Deserts are some of the most unforgiving habitats on the planet, they are barren wastelands where only the hardiest of creatures can have a hope of surviving. They are harsh and cruel, exceptionally hot during the day, and very cold during the night. During colder periods of the year, temperatures can plummet below freezing come night-time. Distances are another dilemma in the desert, they are dangerously deceptive; objects in the distance seem very close that you can touch them, while in reality they are far enough you could probably perish before reaching them.

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Be Prepared. If ever a motto was needed in this age of couch potatoedness (I just made this one up!), it has to be the Scout motto. Humanity has advanced so fast over the past five or six decades and has become very dependant on the latest of technologies and gadgets to make our lives even easier than it already is. There’s almost an App for everything! The more advanced (read higher standard of living) the society we live in is, the more complacent we become. We take things for granted, things that our great grandparents couldn’t even dream of, let alone experience.

Skills we learned and developed over thousands of years—turning them into instincts to live by, have now become skills that, we hope, our kids might learn in summer camps, only for some of them to forget after the first stint in front of the television. Read more…


It took what seemed like forever, but here it is, part 2 of Fire Up Your Endurance. This involoves the Category II exercises for another 9 weeks; they are significantly harder and they do push your body to its limits. If you persevere, however, the rewards are enormous.

As with part 1, I have edited some sections of the text so it is not heavily military-centric, the workouts themselves have been left as is for maximum benefit. The great thing about them, is that they can almost be done anywhere, which is particularly the point if you are travelling or on vacation… No excuses! Read more…


Back in 2004 a friend of mine forwarded a link to me for a progressive two category workout routine that he had found on the Navy SEALs’ website, unfortunately it’s no longer available on their site… I checked.

It’s all about building endurance; however, getting muscular, stronger, and faster, are great by-products of following the programme as close as possible, to the best of your abilities. Bear in mind that it was designed for those in their late teens to early twenties (the age most likely to apply and be accepted for SEAL training), anyone wanting to raise their levels of endurance and fitness to the maximum would definitely benefit from its intensity and variety. Read more…


By Islam El Shazly
Photography by Islam El Shazly

How many times have you ever been in a situation where all of a sudden you or someone around you needed urgent emergency medical assistance but there was no one to help, because no one had a clue how to save or help that person? I know I’ve been there at least a couple of times! Read more…



By Islam El Shazly
Exercise by Darryl Edwards – The Fitness Explorer

There are a lot of ways to completely mess up your health and well being; gluttony is definitely up there on the top of the list same as not eating enough, not enough sleep and too much sleep, and something a lot of people (me included) don’t give a second thought too: irregular or haphazard exercising.

Not working out at all is not good for your well being, but chances are you’ll still be good, but on and off exercising actually traumatises your body and muscles might lead to chronic and regular injuries, which is definitely not fun at all. A lot of people only remember to hit the gym with zeal right around the summer, when the need to show off their “fab abs” becomes almost obsessive in nature, others only do it when they have a chance, because of a busy schedule or just simple laziness. It does more harm than good.

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By Islam El Shazly
Exercise by Darryl Edwards –  The Fitness Explorer

Travelling and keeping fit sometimes don’t go hand and in hand, especially if you are visiting a food-centric culture, like Egypt for example.

A lot of the activities when visiting Egypt involve eating, and chances are if you are part of a package group or on a Nile cruise that you will be getting three open buffet meals everyday for the duration of your trip. If you don’t keep up with exercising then you will be going back home with something more than gifts and souvenirs. Read more…