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Deserts are some of the most unforgiving habitats on the planet, they are barren wastelands where only the hardiest of creatures can have a hope of surviving. They are harsh and cruel, exceptionally hot during the day, and very cold during the night. During colder periods of the year, temperatures can plummet below freezing come night-time. Distances are another dilemma in the desert, they are dangerously deceptive; objects in the distance seem very close that you can touch them, while in reality they are far enough you could probably perish before reaching them.

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Be Prepared. If ever a motto was needed in this age of couch potatoedness (I just made this one up!), it has to be the Scout motto. Humanity has advanced so fast over the past five or six decades and has become very dependant on the latest of technologies and gadgets to make our lives even easier than it already is. There’s almost an App for everything! The more advanced (read higher standard of living) the society we live in is, the more complacent we become. We take things for granted, things that our great grandparents couldn’t even dream of, let alone experience.

Skills we learned and developed over thousands of years—turning them into instincts to live by, have now become skills that, we hope, our kids might learn in summer camps, only for some of them to forget after the first stint in front of the television. Read more…