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The flag of Tunisia. By gablackburn, Flickr.

By Islam El Shazly

Since Tunisia gained independence from France and it has been known all over the world as a beacon of freedom and economic stability in the Arab world; it was more liberal than Lebanon and with a stability that Lebanon cannot achieve in the near future.

But that was an illusion, the “freedom” that Tunisia enjoyed was not real. The stability it revelled in masked a different reality. When France moved out, they left behind a group of people bred to rule in favour of their masters in Paris. Read more…


Surah Al-Israa (The Night Journey). Also known as The Children of Israel.

by Islam El Shazly

Everyone has been following the news lately, and they have been following one thing Freedom Flotilla; unless of course they were otherwise following something more important such as soccer or the latest Star Academy.

A refresher; Freedom Flotilla carrying about 679 peace activists from over 50 different countries, Prominent passengers include some European MPs, and writers and journalists.

The Cargo included toys, school supplies, wheelchairs, medicines, food, clothing, cement, prefabricated homes, paper, and water purification tablets. “There is not even a razor, knife or jack-knife on board,” one of the organisers said, referring to the non-threatening nature of the cargo. Source

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The Loss of Freedom. Courtesy of Aidan McManus, Flickr.

by Islam El Shazly


France, Star Vega, May 21, 2010

Arab countries’ leaders from the Atlantic to the Gulf call the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and demand he shuts down the Cannes Film Festival, the French Riviera, and the collective district of Paris for being anti-Islamic and anti Semitic. The French President jumps at the command and orders the military to descend on the aforementioned areas and arrest everyone in them in preparation to banishing them to the mines for being un-French and rude. The Arab world also puts a ban on anything hyphenated with French-.

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