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The Loss of Freedom. Courtesy of Aidan McManus, Flickr.

by Islam El Shazly


France, Star Vega, May 21, 2010

Arab countries’ leaders from the Atlantic to the Gulf call the French president Nicolas Sarkozy and demand he shuts down the Cannes Film Festival, the French Riviera, and the collective district of Paris for being anti-Islamic and anti Semitic. The French President jumps at the command and orders the military to descend on the aforementioned areas and arrest everyone in them in preparation to banishing them to the mines for being un-French and rude. The Arab world also puts a ban on anything hyphenated with French-.

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The true melting pot of nations.

by Islam El Shazly

Over the last few months a feud was ignited between two Arab and Muslim countries, Egypt and Algeria; with each calling the other everything in the book of hatred that had previously been saved for the worst of enemies. The flames fanned by shady tabloids on both sides to a point that is very close to calling for outright war. All over a silly little sport called football (soccer), and later on for a handball match.

Finally people like Jamal Abdul Nasser and Ataturk have something to be proud of, their dreams of disunity and nationalism has finally come to fruition. Their poison finally achieving what the decades of French and British colonialism could not accomplish.

Both are Muslim countries, and somehow each wanted Allah on their side for each match, which is as stupid as anything I ever heard. Utter disrespect for Allah subhanahu wa ta3ala.

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