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By Mahmoud Taji

There are times in one’s life when the official rhetoric no longer satisfies your quest for truth. The overwhelming feeling that you are being duped, tricked, and lied to becomes too insistent to register as merely your day to day paranoia.

As a study of this phenomenon lets take a closer look at the recent “Clashes” between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The word “clashes” in and of itself is misleading. It would give you the impression that these are two armies of equal or near-equal strength deciding to go head to head in a ‘fair’ fight that eventually one of which will emerge as the victor.

Except the Palestinians we are talking about have been under siege in their little 25 mile strip of land by the Israeli government with no Aid, no port, no airport and no permission to go to and from the other part of Palestine, the West Bank. Read more…


Surah Al-Israa (The Night Journey). Also known as The Children of Israel.

by Islam El Shazly

Everyone has been following the news lately, and they have been following one thing Freedom Flotilla; unless of course they were otherwise following something more important such as soccer or the latest Star Academy.

A refresher; Freedom Flotilla carrying about 679 peace activists from over 50 different countries, Prominent passengers include some European MPs, and writers and journalists.

The Cargo included toys, school supplies, wheelchairs, medicines, food, clothing, cement, prefabricated homes, paper, and water purification tablets. “There is not even a razor, knife or jack-knife on board,” one of the organisers said, referring to the non-threatening nature of the cargo. Source

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Hello world… This was intended to be a completely different “first” post, but due to the timing of the launch of the website that coincided with the anniversary of operation Cast Lead and the dire situation in Gaza, we had a change of plans.

I Resist
by Islam El Shazly

In December 2008, without warning and without any provocation, operation Cast Lead began. A calamitous devastating bombing campaign of the Gaza Strip, it left everyone in shock, reeling from its level of brutality.  By January 18 2009 the massacre had left over 1400 Palestinians killed, and most of Gaza razed to the ground.

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